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Koji Seto
Koji Seto
Born May 18, 1988
Born in Kama, Fukuoka, Japan
Role(s) Wataru Kurenai
Singer for Kamen Rider Kiva
Kamen Rider Kiva

Kōji Seto (瀬戸 康史 Seto Kōji?, born May 18, 1988) is a Japanese actor and singer. He played the role as Wataru Kurenai in Kamen Rider Kiva. Through his role with Kamen Rider Kiva, he was also the lead vocalist of the J-Rock band Tetra-Fang. He reprised his role as Wataru Kurenai for the first and last episode of Kamen Rider Decade, as well as in Decade: Last Story, the last part of the storyline, as a guest star.

The lively and bright multi-talented Seto is nicknamed Setomaru (瀬戸丸) and is a member of the acting group D-Boys.

Discography in TokusatsuEdit

Year Title CD Info Track List
2008 Destiny's Play TETRA-FANG (Kamen Rider Kiva ED Single)
  • Destiny's Play
  • Destiny's Play NEO Romanesque Guitar EDIT
  • Destiny's Play Additional Kivat-bat the 3rd EDIT.
  • Destiny's Play instrumental
Individual-System TETRA-FANG (Kamen Rider Kiva ED Single)
  • Individual-System
  • Individual-System technical guitar fist
  • Individual-System instrumental
  • Individual-System NAGO advance fist
Circle of Life Solo Vocalist (Kamen Rider Kiva Movie ED-Single)
  • With you - Wataru feat. Crimson Fang
Supernova TETRA-FANG (Kamen Rider Kiva Mini-Album)
  • Entrance Procession
  • Supernova (Tribute to Emperor form)
  • Shout in the Moonlight (Tribute to Garulu)
  • Innocent Trap (Tribute to Basshaa)
  • Silent Shout (Tribute to Dogga)
  • Message (Tribute to Father)
Roots of the King TETRA-FANG (Kamen Rider Kiva ED-Single)
  • Roots of the King
  • Individual-System acoustic fist
  • Roots of the KING instrumental
  • Individual-System acoustic fist instrumental
Destiny TETRA-FANG (Kamen Rider Kiva Album)
  • Mind Garden
  • Destiny's Play
  • Roots of the King
  • Lightning to Heaven
  • Exterminate Time
  • Eternity Blood
  • Supernova
  • Individual-System
  • Rainy Rose
  • Prayer〜Message2
  • No matter who You are
2009 Kamen Rider Kiva Re-Union TETRA-FANG (Kamen Rider Kiva Album)
  • Destiny’s Play Re-Union
  • This love never ends (Emperor Edit.)
  • Roots of the King (Acoustic Edit.)
  • Beginning ~ Message 3
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