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Kamen Rider Den-O-title
Kamen Rider Den-O
Number 18
Number of episodes: 49 + 8 Movies
First episode: Here I Come!
Last episode: The Climax Goes on No Matter What
Intro: Climax Jump
Climax Jump: DEN-LINER form
Original airing: January 28, 2007-January 20, 2008
Producer: Toei Company
Production Order
Kamen Rider Kabuto
Kamen Rider Kiva
For the series' main character Den-O, see Ryotaro Nogami.

Kamen Rider Den-O (仮面ライダー電王 Kamen Raidā Den'ō?, Masked Rider Den-O) is the seventeenth installment in the popular Kamen Rider Series of tokusatsu programs. It is a joint collaboration between Ishimori Productions and Toei. It premiered January 28, 2007 on TV Asahi, and concluded airing on January 20, 2008. It aired alongside Juken Sentai GekirangerIcon-crosswiki for Super Hero Time 2007. Its lead actor Takeru Satoh is the first Kamen Rider Series lead born in the Heisei period of Japanese history.

Along with the usual film adaptation that Heisei Kamen Rider series have released during the late summer of their broadcast run, Den-O had a second film released in the spring following its broadcast run which grossed 730 million yen (approximately US$6.8 million) and a series of ten OVA shorts, both of which are firsts for any Kamen Rider. Continuing the trend, Kamen Rider Den-O also had a third film released in October 2008, the first for any Kamen Rider series and a second series of 12 OVA shorts was released in November 2008. Takeru Satoh claims that the reason that Den-O has amassed such popularity is because of its comedic timing. A fourth film was released on May 1, 2009, and three more released in the summer of 2010.

The catchphrases for the series are "Traveling through time, here I come!" (時を超えて 俺、参上! Toki o koete ore, sanjō!?) and "The time train, DenLiner! Will its next stop be in the past or the future?" (時の列車デンライナー!次の駅は過去か?未来か? Toki no ressha Denrainā! Tsugi no eki wa kako ka? mirai ka??).


"The train of time, Den-Liner. Would it be the next station is in the past or the future?"

Ryotaro Nogami is a young man with a lot of bad luck. One day, he finds a strange pass and things got stranger from a mysterious girl and a large time-traveling train to being possessed by an entity called an Imagin, beings from an alternate future whose kind are attempting to change the past. Though slightly confused about the nature of the crisis, Ryotaro, along with the aid of the hot-headed, violent Imagin, dubbed Momotaros, becomes Kamen Rider Den-O, traveling to different times on the DenLiner to battle the evil Imagin to prevent them from altering the past to affect the present and future. During his adventure, Ryotaro is joined by other Imagin who aid him as well; the lying, manipulating and womanizing Urataros, the herculean (and narcoleptic) Kintaros, and the childish yet powerful Ryutaros. He later meets the mysterious Yuto Sakurai and his bumbling Imagin partner Deneb. Yuto is not only Kamen Rider Zeronos but is the younger incarnation of Ryotaro's older sister Airi's fiancé, Sakurai, who mysteriously disappeared and is tied to the mysteries involving the Imagin and a person known as the Junction Point.


Main RidersEdit

Kamen Rider Den‑O Sword Ryotaro Nogami/Momotaros
Kamen Rider Den‑O Rod Ryotaro Nogami/Urataros
Kamen Rider Den‑O Ax Ryotaro Nogami/Kintaros
Kamen Rider Den‑O Gun Ryotaro Nogami/Ryutaros
Kamen Rider Den‑O Wing Ryotaro Nogami/Sieg
Kamen Rider Den‑O Liner Ryotaro Nogami
Kamen Rider Zeronos Yuto Sakurai
Kamen Rider Zeronos Vega Yuto Sakurai/Deneb

Movie ExclusiveEdit

Kamen Rider Gaoh Gaoh
Kamen Rider Mini Den‑O Ryotaro Nogami (Kotaro)/Momotaros
Kamen Rider Nega Den‑O Negataros
Kamen Rider Yuuki Skull Ryotaro Nogami/Ghost Imagin
Kamen Rider Yuuki Hijack Shiro
Kamen Rider New Den‑O Strike Kotaro Nogami
Kamen Rider G Den‑O Reiji Kurosaki/Eve


Super SentaiEdit

GekiRed Jan KandouIcon-crosswiki
GekiYellow Ran UzakiIcon-crosswiki
GekiBlue Retsu FukamiIcon-crosswiki
GekiViolet Gou FukamiIcon-crosswiki
GekiChopper Ken HisatsuIcon-crosswiki


Main article: Imagin

Imagin (イマジン Imajin?) are creatures from the future who have come to the year 2007 in hopes of changing the past to alter their future to their liking. To reach this goal, Imagin grant the wishes of weak-hearted humans and then go back in time to that individual's most precious memory. When they lose control of their humanoid forms, Imagin grow into massive proportions known as Gigandeath.


Main article: Kamen Rider Den-O Episodes
  1. Here I Come! (俺、参上!, Ore, Sanjō!)
  2. Ride on Time (ライド・オン・タイム, Raido On Taimu)
  3. Outlaw Momotarō (アウトロー・モモタロー, Autorō Momotarō)
  4. Get Out, Oni! I am Serious (鬼は外!僕はマジ, Oni wa Soto! Boku wa Maji)
  5. Will You Let Me Reel You In? (僕に釣られてみる?, Boku ni Tsuraretemiru?)
  6. A Fraudulent's Dignity (サギ師の品格, Sagishi no Hinkaku)
  7. Jealousy Bomber (ジェラシー・ボンバー, Jerashī Bonbā)
  8. Sad Melody, Loving Memory (哀メロディ・愛メモリー, Ai Merodī Ai Memorī)
  9. My Strength Has Made You Cry (俺の強さにお前が泣いた, Ore no Tsuyosa ni Omae ga Naita)
  10. Hana in a Stormy Singularity Point (ハナに嵐の特異点, Hana ni Arashi no Tokuiten)
  11. Madness, Delusion, Baby's Breath (暴走・妄想・カスミ草, Bōsō, Mōsō, Kasumisō)
  12. Run Taros! (走れタロス!, Hashire Tarosu!)
  13. Okay? I Can't Hear Your Answer (いい?答えは聞いてない, Ii? Kotae wa Kiitenai)
  14. Dance With Dragon (ダンス・ウィズ・ドラゴン, Dansu Wizu Doragon)
  15. Bath Jack Panic (銭湯(バス)ジャック・パニック, Sentō (Basu) Jakku, Panikku)
  16. Star of Happiness, Criminal's Surrender (幸福の星、降伏の犯人(ホシ), Kōfuku no Hoshi, Kōfuku no Hoshi)
  17. That Person Just Now! In the Past? (あの人は今!も過去?, Ano Hito wa Ima! Mo Kako?)
  18. A Clockwork Fiancé (時計じかけの婚約者(フィアンセ), Tokei Jikake no Kon'yakusha (Fianse))
  19. That Man, Zero's Start (その男、ゼロのスタート, Sono Otoko, Zero no Sutāto)
  20. Let Me Say This to Start (最初に言っておく, Saisho ni Itte Oku)
  21. Fighting Style (ケンカのリュウ儀, Kenka no Ryūgi)
  22. An Unspeakable Future (ハナせない未来, Hanasenai Mirai)
  23. Enter the Prince, Kneel Down to Him! (王子降臨、頭が高い!, Ōji Kōrin, Zu ga Takai!)
  24. The Prince's Goodbye Lullaby (グッバイ王子のララバイ, Gubbai Ōji no Rarabai)
  25. Climax Double Jump (クライマックスW(ダブル)ジャンプ, Kuraimakkusu Daburu Janpu)
  26. The Ticket to God's Line (神の路線へのチケット, Kami no Rosen e no Chiketto)
  27. The Diamond Thieving Fang (ダイヤを乱す牙, Daiya o Midasu Kiba)
  28. Too Lucky, Too Excited, Too Strange (ツキすぎ、ノリすぎ、変わりすぎ, Tsuki Sugi, Nori Sugi, Kawari Sugi)
  29. Lucky Horror Show (ラッキー・ホラー・ショー, Rakkī Horā Shō)
  30. Madam, How About the Fireworks? (奥さん花火どう?, Oku-san Hanabi Dō?)
  31. Ai Need Yu (愛(アイ)・ニード・侑(ユウ), Ai Nīdo Yū)
  32. Last Train Card: Zero! (終電カード・ゼロ!, Shūden Kādo: Zero!)
  33. Time Troubler: Kohana (タイムトラブラー・コハナ, Taimu Toraburā: Kohana)
  34. The Time Interval Pianist (時の間(はざま)のピアニスト, Toki no Hazama no Pianisuto)
  35. Tragic Resurrection Card: Zero (悲劇の復活カード・ゼロ, Higeki no Fukkatsu Kādo: Zero)
  36. No Possession, No Secession, Train Slash! (憑かず、離れず、電車斬り!, Tsukazu, Hanarezu, Densha Giri!)
  37. I Have the Face for It, Don't I? (俺、そういう顔してるだろ?, Ore, Sōiu Kao Shiteru daro?)
  38. The King Train Within the Train Terminal (電車の中の電車王, Densha no Naka no Denshaō)
  39. And the Rider is No More (そしてライダーもいなくなる, Soshite Raidā mo Inakunaru)
  40. Change: Imagin World (チェンジ・イマジン・ワールド, Chenji Imajin Wārudo)
  41. Candy Scandal (キャンディ・スキャンダル, Kyandi Sukyandaru)
  42. Memory Update (想い出アップデート, Omoide Appudēto)
  43. Something Missing (サムシング・ミッシング, Samushingu Misshingu)
  44. Resolution of a Single-Action (決意のシングルアクション, Ketsui no Shinguru Akushon)
  45. Reliving a Blank Day (甦る空白の一日, Yomigaeru Kūhaku no Ichinichi)
  46. Now to Reveal Love and Truth (今明かす愛と理(ことわり), Ima Akasu Ai to Kotowari)
  47. You Wept Over My End (俺の最期にお前が泣いた, Ore no Saigo ni Omae ga Naita)
  48. Opposite Goodbyes... (ウラ腹な別れ・・・, Urahara na Wakare...)
  49. The Climax Goes On, No Matter What (クライマックスは続くよどこまでも, Kuraimakkusu wa Tsuzuku yo Dokomademo)


  1. Kamen Rider Den-O: I'm Born!
  2. Kamen Rider Den-O & Kiva: Climax Deka
  3. Saraba Kamen Rider Den-O: Final Countdown
  4. Cho Kamen Rider Den-O & Decade Neo Generations: The Onigashima Warship
  5. Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider The Movie: Cho-Den-O Trilogy
    1. Episode Red: Zero no Star Twinkle
    2. Episode Blue: The Dispatched Imagin is Newtral
    3. Episode Yellow: Treasure de End Pirates
  6. OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders


  1. Kamen Rider Den-O: Singing, Dancing, Great Training!!

Cho-Den-O SeriesEdit

Main article: Cho-Den-O Series

Initially, a press release from Toei Company released on January 29, 2009, announced that there will be a fourth film for Kamen Rider Den-O. It was in production as of January 29, 2009, and was scheduled to be released in April 2009. On February 9, 2009, Toei revealed that this film was to be the first in the "Cho-Den-O" Series (「超・電王」シリーズ "Chō-Den'ō" Shirīzu?), a new multimedia franchise featuring the cast and characters of Kamen Rider Den-O and its films.

Other visual mediaEdit

Shin-chan specialEdit

Main article: Kamen Rider Den-O + Shin-O

Crayon Shin-chan aired a special episode on August 3, 2007, where Shin-chan meets Ryotaro, Hana, Naomi, the Owner, and Momotaros on the DenLiner. This special is titled "Crayon Shin-chan Midsummer Night: Here I Come! The Storm is Called Den-O vs. Shin-O 60 Minute Special!!" (クレヨンしんちゃん 真夏の夜に オラ 参上! 嵐を呼ぶ 電王VSしん王 60分スペシャル!! Kureyon Shinchan Manatsu no Yoru ni Ora Sanjō! Arashi o Yobu Den'ō VS Shin'ō Rokujuppun Supesharu!!?).

In a later rerun of the special, Shin-chan and Nene meet up with Den-O, again, although to act as a teaser for the final episodes of Kamen Rider Den-O and to introduce Kamen Rider Kiva along with Ryotaro Nogami (Takeru Satoh) and Wataru Kurenai (Koji Seto). The live action Shin-chan also meets with the cast of Juken Sentai Gekiranger for the teaser of their final episodes and later with the cast of Engine Sentai Go-onger to air the trailer for their series.


A manga adaptation by Takayuki Sakai (坂井 孝行 Sakai Takayuki?) appeared in the November 2007 issue of Shōgaku Ichinensei (小学一年生?). It features a series of events involved with Hana's upcoming birthday and an evil Kamen Rider appearing with an army of Imagin at his disposal.

Imagin AnimeEdit

In conjunction with Ishimori Productions, TV Asahi, ADK, and Toei,produced a series of OVA shorts for Den-O titled Kamen Rider Den-O: Collection DVD: "Imagin Anime" (仮面ライダー電王 コレクションDVD「イマジンあにめ」 Kamen Raidā Den'ō Korekushon Dī Bui Dī Imajin Anime?) featuring super deformed versions of the main Imagin that have been used in Animate's products for the series. A second set of animated shorts called Imagin Anime 2 (イマジンあにめ 2 Imajin Anime Tsū?) was released for sale on November 22, 2008, including cameos by the Wolf and the Ghost Imagin. A third set of animated shorts called Imagin Anime 3 (イマジンあにめ 3 Imajin Anime Surī?) was to be released in December 2009, but has been pushed back to Spring 2010 and then again to October 21, 2010. This miniseries made more references to other Toei shows and included Ultraman Taro making a cameo appearance.


Imagin Anime
  1. Momotaros's Momotarō (モモタロスのももたろう Momotarosu no Momotarō?)
  2. Urataros's Deceitful Vacation (ウラタロスのずるやすみ Uratarosu no Zuru Yasumi?)
  3. Kin-chan's First Love (キンちゃんの初恋 Kin-chan no Hatsukoi?)
  4. Ryutarō's Secret (リュウタローのひみつ Ryūtarō no Himitsu?)
  5. How is Deneb Candy Made? (デネブキャンディができるまで? Denebu Kyandi ga Dekiru made??)
  6. Maagi Magi: Masieg (マージマジ・マジーク Māji Maji: Majīku?)
  7. Momotaros's Momotarō: Part 2 (モモタロスのももたろう・パート2 Momotarosu no Momotarō: Pāto Tsu?)
  8. A Letter from Sis (お姉ちゃんからの手紙 Oneechan kara no Tegami?)
  9. Super Doctor Momo (スーパードクター・モモ Sūpā Dokutā Momo?)
  10. Imagin Space Travel (イマジン宇宙旅行 Imajin Uchū Ryokō?)
Imagin Anime 2
  1. Teru-teru Ryuta (てるてるリュウタ Teruteru Ryūta?)
  2. Kin-chan's Tufts (キンちゃんのふっさり Kin-chan no Fussari?)
  3. Momotaros' Flower Fortune Telling (モモタロスの花占い Momotarosu no Hana Uranai?)
  4. Let's Decide Upon a Catchphrase (決めゼリフを考えよう Kime Zerifu o Kangaeyō?)
  5. Ura-san is a Great Detective! (ウラさんは名探偵! Urasan wa Meitantei!?)
  6. Best of Luck Wolf! (がんばれウルフ! Ganbare Urufu!?)
  7. Imagin Mart (イマジンマート Imajin Māto?)
  8. Sieg is Oookaaay (ジークはだいじょうぶだぁ Jīku wa Daijōbu daa?)
  9. Stupid Momo vs. Nosy Woman (バカモモVSハナクソ女 Baka Momo tai Hanakuso Onna?)
  10. Document: The Bullet Train Rider (ドキュメント・ザ・電車ライダー Dokyumento Za Densha Raidā?)
  11. Urashima Taro (ウラ島太郎 Urashima Tarō?)
  12. Be Forever Momotaros: Imagin Terminal Station (モモタロスよ永遠に ~イマジン終着駅 Momotarosu yo Towa ni ~Imajin Shūchakueki?)

Imagin Anime 3
  1. Momotaros's Pudding Shop (モモタロスのプリン屋さん Momotarosu no Purin'yasan?)
  2. Imagin in Wonderland (イマジン イン ワンダーランド Imajin In Wandārando?)
  3. Search on Google! Kintarō (ぐぐれ!金太郎 Gugure! Kintarō?)
  4. I'm Contagious! (俺、伝染! Ore, Densen!?)
  5. Kamen Rider Secret Room (仮面ライダー秘密部屋 Kamen Raidā Himitsu Beya?)
  6. Episode Red: Yuto's Life (EPISODE RED ユートの一生 Episōdo Reddo Yūto no Isshō?)
  7. Episode Blue: Teddy-san is a Great Detective (EPISODE BLUE テディさんは名探偵 Episōdo Burū Tedisan wa Meitantei?)
  8. Episode Yellow: Imagin Anime 3D (EPISODE YELLOW イマジンあにめ3D Episōdo Ierō Imajin Anime Surī Dī?)
  9. Imagin Family Drifting Story (イマジン一家漂流記 Imajin Ikka Hyōryūki?)
  10. Ryutaros and an Autumn Flower (リュウタロスと秋の花 Ryūtarosu to Aki no Hana?)
  11. J-MEN's Pudding Shop (J-MENのプリン屋さん Jei Men no Purin'yasan?)
  12. You Will Find the Ultra Planet (きみにも見えるウル○ラの星 Kimi ni mo Mieru Uru**ra no Hoshi?)

Momotaros's King of the Castle in Burning RedEdit

As a tie in with Kamen Rider Kiva: King of the Castle in the Demon World, the Tarōs starred in a series of four short episodes called Momotaros's King of the Castle in Burning Red (モモタロスのまっかっか城の王 Momotarosu no Makkakka-jō no Ō?), where they get into another crazy adventure as they take the Ginjiro out for a spin. The first three episodes are one-minute-long, airing from July 20 to August 3 after Kamen Rider Kiva, depicting the Taros in reviewing the Go-onger and Kiva movies before Ryutaros is kidnapped by Kamen Rider Rey. The fourth two-minute-long episode showed in theaters after Kamen Rider Kiva: King of the Castle in the Demon World and Engine Sentai Go-onger: Boom Boom! Bang Bang! GekijōBang!!, with Ryutaros found by Momotaros as reenactments of the two movies by the Taros are played on the movie screen. Toshihiko Seki will reprise his role as the Imagin Momotaros and Kōji Yusa, Masaki Terasoma, and Kenichi Suzumura also reprise their roles as Urataros, Kintaros, and Ryutaros, respectively. There was a "Burning Red Ver." (まっかっかVer. Makkakka Bā?) and a "Yellow Ver." (まっきっきVer. Makkikki Bā?) of the short film, shown at specific theaters based on the announcement that Saraba Kamen Rider Den-O: Final Countdown would be playing at that theater.

Mini episodesEdit

  1. The Castle in the Demon World Mystery is Solved! (魔界城の謎を解け! Makaijō no Nazo o Toke!?)
  2. Samurai World's Warriors (サムライワールドの戦士 Samurai Wārudo no Senshi?)
  3. Fight! Kaijin Army (戦え!怪人軍団 Tatakae! Kaijin Gundan?)
  4. Momotaros's King of the Castle in Burning Red (モモタロスのまっかっか城の王 Momotarosu no Makkakkajō no Ō?)

April 3, 1971Edit

The S.I.C. Hero Saga side story published in Monthly Hobby Japan magazine for Den-O is titled Kamen Rider Den-O: April 3, 1971 (仮面ライダー電王 -1971年4月3日- Kamen Raidā Den'ō: Sen Kyū Nana Ichi Nen Shigatsu Mikka?). Running from December 2008 to October 2009, the story expands upon the events of Climax Deka and Kamen Rider Nega Den-O's travel through time joining forces with the Great Leader of Shocker, with Den-O and Zeronos joining forces with the original Shōwa Kamen Riders to fight them. It features original characters Negataros Spirit Form (ネガタロス精神体 Negatarosu Seishintai?) and Negataros's form as Great Leader Ganseki (岩石大首領 Ganseki Daishuryō?).

Chapter titles
  1. Imagin Revival (復活のイマジン Fukkatsu no Imajin?)
  2. Negataros Army (ネガタロス軍団 Negataros Gundan?)
  3. Shocker Leader (ショッカー首領 Shokkā Shuryō?)
  4. The Capture of Yuto Sakurai (囚われの桜井侑斗 Toraware no Sakurai Yūto?)
  5. Five Plus One (5+1 Go Tasu Ichi?)
  6. Comrade (仲間 Nakama?)
  7. True Form (正体 Shōtai?)
  8. Great Leader Ganseki (岩石大首領 Ganseki Daishuryō?)
  9. Seven Riders (7人ライダー Shichinin Raidā?)
  10. Ten Riders (10人ライダー Jūnin Raidā?)
  11. From the Window of the Den-Liner (デンライナーの車窓から Denrainā no Shasō kara?)

"DenLiner, Into Space!"Edit

"Kamen Rider Kiva & Den-O: DenLiner, Into Space!" (仮面ライダーキバ&電王 デンライナー、宇宙へ! Kamen Raidā Kiba ando Den'ō Denrainā, Uchū e!?) is a planetarium show using the cast of Kiva and Den-O to teach children about the universe. It was shown at the Kagoshima Municipal Science Hall's planetarium between January 2 and March 30, 2009.


Voice actorsEdit

For the portrayals of the Tarōs by Toshihiko Seki, Kōji Yusa, Masaki Terasoma, and Kenichi Suzumura, Kamen Rider Den-O was given the Synergy Award at the second Seiyu Awards[1]

Suit actorsEdit

Guest actorsEdit

Guest voice actorsEdit

For all of the guest voice actors, see Imagin.

International broadcastsEdit

In 2009, South Korean broadcasters began airing Den-O under the title Masked Rider Den-O (가면라이더 덴오 Gamyeon Raideo Deno).

In 2011, the dubbed version of the series also aired on Indonesian's free-to-air TV channel Trans 7 on Sunday mornings at 9:30am.

The english dubbed version of the series also aired on Singapore.


  • After the events of Den-O Trilogy movies, the power of Den-O is being used by the Taros (New Den-O is an exception and mostly Momotaros as the main form rider is Sword Form).
  • The first Rider series to have an anime spinoff series (Imagin anime).
  • Kamen Rider Den-O (not including Zeronos) have 4 type characteristics according to Lets Go Kamen Rider Net Movies.
    • Rod Form: Libra Type B
    • Sword Form: Libra Type O
    • Strike Form: Scorpio Type O
    • Wing Form: Capricorn Type A
  • It is the first Kamen Rider installment to actually have a combined mecha crossover with a Sentai franchise.


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